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Our Live Escape Rooms...
Your elite team needs to retrieve essential blueprints held ransom by George Studebaker. Can you do it in 60 minutes?
Player Capacity: 4-12
$25 / person
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Solve puzzles to find the Holy Grail before it gets into the wrong hands. You only have 60 minutes!
Player Capacity: 4-10
$25 / person
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You’re one of the many couples aboard the infamous Titanic during the luxury steamer’s Maiden voyage to New York.
Player Capacity: 2-8
$25 / person
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History is in your hands! Can you find the Emerald Scarab before the grave robbers return?!
Player Capacity: 4-12
$25 / person
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Your team of F.B.I agents must do your best investigative work to find clues and solve puzzles which lead to the arrest of America's most notorious spy!
Player Capacity: 4-8
$25 / person
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The mob boss is locked within the cell next to you. He is going to be transferred to a maximum security penitentiary. It’s your job to get him out before the hour is up!
Player Capacity: 4-8
$25 / person
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Nuclear Fallout

We are working on this room now!
Opening Late 2018
Experience Michiana's First & Best Escape Rooms!

An Escape Room is a 60 minute, timed adventure like nothing you've ever experienced. You and your friends will be locked in a room and you have to find your way out, as the clock ticks down. Solve puzzles, find clues and unlock your way to freedom!

Why Our Rooms Are Better...

We believe that our Escape Rooms are the best in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan. Why? Let me tell you...

1) Your booking will be a private group.
Once you book with us, you will have the entire room to yourself. Some Escape Rooms will pair you up with random strangers but we feel like that has the potential to ruin your experience. There is nothing more annoying than getting paired up with a random stranger who takes over, or even worse, puts a key in their pocket and forgets for 15 minutes while the rest of the group struggles...yeah, it has happened to us before, that is why we are philosophically against pairing strangers.

2) Much more than just locks and keys.
We work hard to create from scratch hand crafted, detailed puzzles that you can not experience anywhere else. Our design team is all about the details. Artists from Universal Studios bring the story to life with immersive set design and electrical engineers use technology to make magic happen with special effects that will leave you screaming "WOW!" Our rooms are most definitely not scavenger hunts in converted office spaces!

3) No clue limit = GUARANTEED FUN!
Our escape rooms are challenging, if they were designed for elementary schoolers we'd offer organized bathroom breaks and a group snack. If you miss one detail we aren't going to make you chase your tails until the clock runs out because you already used 3 clues. Our game masters are trained to give you the help you need, when you need it. If you are a hardcore enthusiast simply don't ask for a hint!

Our Customers Love Us!

Enjoyed a fantastic evening Friday night with the search for the Holy Grail room. Of 3 escape room experiences (2 in other places), this one was the best. Tippecanoe place and it's history were a fantastic setting. The clues were challenging but not impossible. The staff offered great hospitality. We'll definitely return for another adventure!!!
- Brian D. (Facebook Reviewer)

Studebaker Scandal was AWESOME! LOVED the atmosphere and the involvement of local history. Room was challenging but SUPER fun! Dakota our Game Master was EXCELLENT! I would DEFINITELY recommend this! Our group of 7 consisted of ages 16,18,20,48,49,51,55 yet everyone was able to contribute to solve the puzzles. Can't wait to try the Holy Grail and I hear.....coming to Buchanan... is escaping from a jail!! I'll be on the lookout for that one!!!!!!
- Mary R. (Facebook Reviewer)

What's an Escape Room?

If you are asking this question then you have been missing out on the latest craze in the entertainment industry. Here is how it works, you assemble your best team made up of your friends, family, co-workers, accountants, smart people you recruit off Craigslist, etc. We lock you in a room for 60 minutes, your team works together to tear the room apart (figuratively of course) finding clues and solving puzzles help you complete your mission and ultimately get out of the room. To help you better understand, below is a quick break down.

An Escape Room IS

Perfect group date, corporate event or opportunity to lock your teenagers in a room without their smart phones.

An Escape Room IS NOT

Physically Challenging
A small dark place
Weird kidnapping scenario where you get chained to a toilet.

Corporate Escape Packages

Corporate Training Package
Skylight Leadership professionals provide a two hour team building training immediately following your team’s escape experience. The training will utilize specific examples from the team’s experience and focus on how to transfer lessons learned to the workplace.

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