Welcome agents...

...we have reason to believe that the CIA has been infiltrated by a Soviet Spy. Over the past year more than 20 CIA and FBI Soviet operations have been compromised leading to the betrayal of at least 30 agents and execution of 10 U.S. operatives.

We have narrowed it to 8...

We have narrowed the mole down to 8 agents who had security clearance on the compromised missions. Pictures of the 8 suspects are posted on the board. You've been given clearance to access financial information, polygraph test results and a spy tactic handbook.

your mission:
It's up to you...

We need to find this mole to finally put the Cold War behind us. Good luck and move quickly!

We are currently building the Cold War Escape Room at our location in downtown Buchanan, Michigan. This room will be open Late 2017.
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Opening Late 2017
The CIA has been infiltrated by a Russian spy. Identify the spy and arrest him before any more missions are compromised.

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