Corporate Escape Room Experience

Team building that doesn't suck.

Immerse your employees in a memorable game where they must work together to find clues, solve puzzles and escape the room before the hour is up. The puzzles are designed to teach teamwork, effective communication and problem solving. Participants will leave with a better understanding of their team’s dynamics and most importantly, a fun experience to promote relationships not centered on the work place.

The package includes...

60 Minute Experience
6-20 participants
$25.00 per person

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Our Live Escape Rooms...
Your elite team needs to retrieve essential blueprints held ransom by George Studebaker. Can you do it in 60 minutes?
$25 / person
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Solve puzzles to find the Holy Grail before it gets into the wrong hands. You only have 60 minutes!
$25 / person
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History is in your hands! Can you find the Emerald Scarab before the grave robbers return?!
$25 / person
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Opening Late 2017
The CIA has been infiltrated by a Russian spy. Identify the spy and arrest him before any more missions are compromised.

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