the story
Leonardo DaVinci's contributions to art and science are well known...

...but he also played a major role in a secret society that existed solely to protect the Holy Grail! These dedicated individuals went to great lengths to hide this treasured artifact and created a myriad of challenges to thwart the endeavors of unwelcome hunters.

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the legends are true!
All of the legends of the power of the Grail are true,

but it is no longer safe in its current location. In the wrong hands, the Grail could prove disastrous.

your mission:
It's up to you...

to solve the puzzles set up to keep away unworthy seekers and find the it before the nefarious Grail Hunters arrive.

Cost: $25 per person
Player Capacity: 4-10

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Your group will be the only ones in the room.
We think this greatly enhances the experience and helps you really enjoy all of the puzzles.

Tippecanoe Place Restaurant
620 W Washington St
South Bend, Indiana

Thursday: 5:30PM / 7:00PM / 8:30PM
Friday: 4:30PM / 6:00PM / 7:30PM / 9:00PM
Saturday: 11:00AM / 1:30PM / 4:30PM / 6:00PM / 7:30PM / 9:00PM

Other nights are available upon request, just call us!
Real Customer Reviews for Hunt For The Holy Grail...

First time doing an escape room and it was a great experience! It was hard enough to make you think but not to hard to make it impossible to solve it. Game masters were very helpful and informative before, during, and after our time in the room. Would love to try the other room next time I visit South Bend!!
- Auna D. (Facebook Reviewer)

Enjoyed a fantastic evening Friday night with the search for the Holy Grail room. Of 3 escape room experiences (2 in other places), this one was the best. Tippecanoe place and it's history were a fantastic setting. The clues were challenging but not impossible. The staff offered great hospitality. We'll definitely return for another adventure!!!
- Brian D. (Facebook Reviewer)

We just finished The Hunt for the Holy Grail and it was amazing! So much fun - it was challenging and entertaining for both the teens and the adults. I can't wait to get back and try out the other room!
- Pamela C. (Facebook Reviewer)

We just went to the new room, "Hunt for the Holy Grail," and it was great! I would definitely recommend going. I think a smaller group is better. We had 6 people and that was perfect.
- Lauren K. (Facebook Reviewer)

Our courageous team of sleuths took the Tippecanoe Place Escape challenge just tonight, and we had a ball! We solved the mystery with a little under 3 minutes to spare! You definitely had to be thinking, but the clues and challenges were all achievable. We're ready for the next challenge!
- Jeff F. (Facebook Reviewer)

Our group of 7 searched for the holy grail and had a blast! This was such a fun experience; can't wait to go back!
- Denise B. (Facebook Reviewer)

We had a lot of fun this evening searching for the holy grail. We succeeded with 5 min and 15 sec left to spare. Great team building experience.
- Mary W. (Facebook Reviewer)

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Nuclear Fallout

We are working on this room now!
Opening Late 2018