the story
Step back into 1933...

...when even the iconic George and Ada Studebaker are not immune from the effects of the Great Depression. It looks inevitable that they will be forced to surrender their beloved Tippecanoe Place mansion to foreclosure.

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the set up
In an attempt to recoup his fortune...

George Studebaker has threatened to sell the blueprints of a new, economical automobile series to their leading competitor.

Albert Erskine, president of the Studebaker Corporation, has hired your elite team of experienced criminals to retrieve the automobile blueprints which he believes George has hidden in his estate. Those blueprints in the wrong hands could mean the end for the Studebaker Corporation.

your mission:
It's up to you...

Do you have what it takes to save the blueprints and the Studebaker Corporation before it's too late?

Cost: $25 per person
Player Capacity: 4-12

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Your group will be the only ones in the room.
We think this greatly enhances the experience and helps you really enjoy all of the puzzles.

Tippecanoe Place Restaurant
620 W Washington St
South Bend, Indiana

Thursday: 5:30PM / 7:00PM / 8:30PM
Friday: 4:30PM / 6:00PM / 7:30PM / 9:00PM
Saturday: 11:00AM / 1:30PM / 4:30PM / 6:00PM / 7:30PM / 9:00PM

Other nights are available upon request, just call us!
Real Customer Reviews for Studebaker Scandal...

Studebaker Scandal was AWESOME! LOVED the atmosphere and the involvement of local history. Room was challenging but SUPER fun! Dakota our Game Master was EXCELLENT! I would DEFINITELY recommend this! Our group of 7 consisted of ages 16,18,20,48,49,51,55 yet everyone was able to contribute to solve the puzzles. Can't wait to try the Holy Grail and I hear.....coming to Buchanan... is escaping from a jail!! I'll be on the lookout for that one!!!!!!
- Mary R (Facebook Reviewer)

I highly recommend this experience! Our multigenerational family completed the Studebaker Scandal. The puzzles were excellent and entertaining and there was something for everyone to enjoy! Matt (the owner) is extremely accommodating and a great host! We had a blast!
- Kim S. (Facebook Reviewer)

Awesomeness. It was a serious puzzle with a well thought out plot. Would do it again.
- Jonathan T. (Facebook Reviewer)

Great job incorporating the story into the building and history of it. Awesome rooms, both of them.
- Brett M. (Facebook Reviewer)

Birthday gift from my husband. We got a team of awesome people together and had a blast! Highly recommend the experience!
- Sarah M. (Facebook Reviewer)

Had an awesome time! So much fun! A must visit escape room!!
- Jennifer E. (Facebook Reviewer)

We surprised my mom for her birthday! It was so much fun! It was challenging, but we made it!
- Megan C. (Facebook Reviewer)

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Nuclear Fallout

We are working on this room now!
Opening Late 2018